My ColecoVision Cartridge List

Cartridge Rarities are from Andrew Krieg's Colecovision Cartridge List.

Rarity Key:

C = Common
U = Uncommon
R = Rare
ER= Extremely Rare

ID Title Company Rarity Manual Box Duplicate
01 Beamrider Activision U    
02 Decathlon Activision U      
03 Pitfall! Activision U  
04 River Raid Activision R    
05 Centipede Atarisoft U  
06 Defender Atarisoft R  
07 Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom Coleco R      
08 Burgertime Coleco U      
09 Cabbage Patch Kids Adv in Park Coleco C      
10 Carnival Coleco C      
11 Congo Bongo Coleco R      
12 Cosmic Avenger Coleco C    
13 Destructor Coleco U  
14 Donkey Kong Coleco C  
15 Donkey Kong Jr Coleco C    
16 Dukes of Hazzard, The Coleco ER      
17 Fortune Builder Coleco R      
18 Front Line Coleco U      
19 Gorf Coleco C      
20 Illusions Coleco R    
21 Ken Uston Poker/Blackjack Coleco U    
22 Lady Bug Coleco C  
23 Looping Coleco C      
24 Mousetrap Coleco C    
25 Mr. Do! Coleco C  
26 Omega Race Coleco U      
27 Rocky Super Action Boxing Coleco C    
28 Slither Coleco C      
29 Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle Coleco C  
30 Space Fury Coleco C      
31 Space Panic Coleco C    
32 Subroc Coleco U      
33 Super Action Baseball Coleco C      
34 Super Action Football Coleco C      
35 Telly Turtle Coleco R  
36 Time Pilot Coleco U  
37 Turbo Coleco U  
38 Venture Coleco C      
39 Victory Coleco U      
40 War Games Coleco U    
41 Zaxxon Coleco C      
42 Gateway to Apshai Epyx R    
43 Pitstop Epyx U      
  FISHER PRICE          
44 Linking Logic Fisher Price R      
45 Wing War Imagic R      
46 Blockade Runner Interphase R      
47 Sewer Sam Interphase R      
48 Squish 'Em featuring Sam Interphase R      
  MICRO FUN          
49 Heist, The Micro Fun U    
50 Miner 2049er Micro Fun U    
  PARKER BROS.          
51 Frogger Parker Bros. U      
52 Frogger II: Threedeep! Parker Bros. R      
53 Gyruss Parker Bros. R      
54 James Bond 007 Parker Bros. R      
55 Popeye Parker Bros. C      
56 Q*bert Parker Bros. U      
57 Q*bert's Qubes Parker Bros. ER      
58 Star Wars: The Arcade Game Parker Bros. R      
59 Super Cobra Parker Bros. R      
  PROBE 2000          
60 War Room Probe 2000 U
61 Spectron SpectraVideo R      
  SIERRA ON-LINE          
62 Learning With Leeper Sierra On-Line ER      
63 Threshold Sierra On-Line ER      
64 Facemaker Spinnaker R      
65 Fraction Fever Spinnaker R    
66 Campaign '84 Sunrise ER      
67 Artillery Duel Xonox R      
68 Chuck Norris Superkicks Xonox R      
69 Robin Hood Xonox ER    

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This list was last updated on May 31, 2002