My Commodore 64 Cartridge List

Cartridge Rarities are extracted from Scott 'Steg' Hansen's Collectors Poll

Rarity Key:

C = Common
U = Uncommon
R = Rare
ER= Extremely Rare

ID Title Company Rarity Manual Box Duplicate
01 Mach 5 Access Software   x x x
02 Mach 128 Access Software   x x  
03 Beamrider Activision   x x  
04 Decathlon Activision     x  
05 Designer's Pencil Activision        
06 H.E.R.O. Activision   x x  
07 Pitfall II: Lost Caverns Activision   x x x
08 Toy Bizarre Activision   x x  
09 Zone Ranger Activision        
10 Battlezone Atarisoft        
11 Centipede Atarisoft       x
12 Defender Atarisoft       x
13 Dig Dug Atarisoft        
14 Donkey Kong Atarisoft        
15 Galaxian Atarisoft        
16 Jungle Hunt Atarisoft   x x  
17 Moon Patrol Atarisoft       x
18 Ms. Pac Man Atarisoft        
19 Pac Man Atarisoft        
20 Pole Position Atarisoft       x
21 Robotron: 2084 Atarisoft        
22 80-Column Printer Batteries Included   x    
23 Choplifter! Broderbund   x x x
24 Loderunner Broderbund        
  CBS SOFTWARE          
25 Big Bird's Funhouse CBS Software   x x x
26 Big Bird's Special Delivery CBS Software        
27 Ducks Ahoy! CBS Software   x x  
28 Ernie's Magic Shapes CBS Software        
29 Letter-Go-Round CBS Software   x x x
30 Math Mileage CBS Software        
31 Movie Musical Madness CBS Software        
32 Sea Horse Hide'n Seek CBS Software   x x  
33 Time Bound CBS Software   x    
34 Webster: The Word Game CBS Software        
  CHALK BOARD, INC.          
35 BearJam Chalk Board, Inc.        
36 Micro Maestro Chalk Board, Inc.        
37 Insta (Booter Cartridge) Cimarron       x
38 Insta-Writer Cimarron        
39 Avenger Commodore        
40 Blueprint Commodore   x x x
41 Clowns Commodore        
42 Dragonsden Commodore        
43 Financial Advisor Commodore       x
44 Frog Master Commodore        
45 Gorf Commodore        
46 International Soccer Commodore        
47 Jupiter Lander Commodore        
48 Kickman Commodore        
49 Lazarian Commodore        
50 Le Mans Commodore        
51 Magic Desk I Commodore        
52 Music Composer Commodore        
53 Music Machine Commodore   x x x
54 Number Nabber Shape Grabber Commodore   x x x
55 Omega Race Commodore   x x x
56 Pinball Spectacular Commodore        
57 Radar Rat Race Commodore       x
58 Sea Wolf Commodore        
59 Simon's Basic Commodore        
60 Solar Fox Commodore        
61 Speed/Bingo Math Commodore        
62 Star Post Commodore        
63 Star Ranger Commodore   x x x
64 Super Expander 64 Commodore   x x  
65 Super Smash Commodore        
66 Tooth Invaders Commodore   x x x
67 Viduzzles Commodore       x
68 Visible Solar System Commodore   x x x
69 Wizard of Wor Commodore        
70 Astroblitz Creative        
71 Moondust Creative        
72 Pipes Creative        
73 Trashman Creative     x x
74 Speech 64 Currah        
75 Fastload Epyx       x
76 Gateway to Apshai Epyx   x x x
77 Jumpman Junior Epyx   x x x
78 Pitstop Epyx       x
  FISHER PRICE          
79 Alpha Build Fisher Price        
80 Dance Fantasy Fisher Price        
81 Linking Logic Fisher Price        
82 Logic Levels Fisher Price        
83 Memory Manor Fisher Price       x
84 Number Tumblers Fisher Price        
85 Sea Speller Fisher Price        
86 Up And Add 'Em Fisher Price     x  
87 Grid Runner HES        
88 HES Mon 64 HES   x x  
89 HES Writer 64 HES   x x x
90 Maze Master HES        
91 Paint Brush HES        
92 Pit HES        
93 Retro Ball HES        
94 Rootin' Tootin' HES        
95 Turtle Graphics II HES   x x x
96 Koala Painter Koala Technologies        
97 Super Snapshot V4 LMS Technologies        
98 Frogger Parker Brothers        
99 Frogger II: Threedeep! Parker Brothers        
100 Gyruss Parker Brothers        
101 James Bond 007 Parker Brothers        
102 Popeye Parker Brothers   x x  
103 Q*bert Parker Brothers   x x x
104 Super Sketch Personal Peripherals        
105 Ski Writer II Prentice-Hall   x x  
106 Castle Hassle Roklan        
107 Diamond Mine Roklan        
108 Master Type Scarborough   x x x
109 Buck Rodgers Planet of Zoom Sega        
110 Congo Bongo Sega   x x x
111 Spy Hunter Sega        
112 Star Trek Sega       x
113 Tapper Sega       x
114 Up 'N Down Sega        
115 Zaxxon Sega     x x
116 Utility Disk ShareData       x
  SIERRA ON-LINE          
117 B.C.'s Quest For Tires Sierra On-line        
118 Jawbreaker II Sierra On-line        
119 Mr. Cool Sierra On-line        
120 Sammy Lightfoot Sierra On-line        
121 The Vic Tree Skyles Electric Works        
122 Aegean Voyage Spinnaker        
123 Alphabet Zoo Spinnaker       x
124 Alf in the Color Caves Spinnaker     x  
125 Better Working Turbo Load and Save Spinnaker   x    
126 Cosmic Life Spinnaker   x x x
127 Delta Drawing Spinnaker   x x  
128 Facemaker Spinnaker        
129 Fraction Fever Spinnaker   x x x
130 Kids On Keys Spinnaker   x x  
131 Kindercomp Spinnaker        
132 Ranch Spinnaker     x  
133 Story Machine Spinnaker   x x  
134 Isepic Starpoint        
  QUICK BROWN FOX          
135 Quick Brown Fox Quick Brown Fox   x x  
136 SpeedScript 3.2 Charles Brannon        

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This list was last updated on June 4, 2002