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Answers to Pitfall Harry's Trivia Quiz

1. The number of gold bricks in the Lost Caverns can be determined by looking at the game map for Pitfall II: Lost Caverns and counting the number of gold bricks indicated in the map. The map can be found by clicking on the appropriate link from Pitfall Harry's Map Room (The Map Room itself can be accessed b clicking on the appropriate link from the Home Web page). There are links to two different maps of the Lost Caverns. Both maps show the same number of gold bricks in the same locations, of course, since they map the same caverns. You can choose for yourself which map is easier to use to count the number of gold bricks. Be careful, though! A couple of the bricks are easily overlooked.

2. The Lost Caverns are located in ALL OF THE ABOVE. If you click on the Cliff Hangers patch shown on Pitfall Harry's Home Web page, you can read the telegram sent by Harry from Machu Piccu. If that is not convincing enough, then click on the linke labeled "Pitfall Harry's Diary" from the Home page. That will take you to a new page which shows Harry's 8-page diary (game instructions for Lost Caverns). For now, though, you'll have to click on the link labeled "Pitfall II (HTML Version) because I haven't posted the graphic scans of the 8-page diary yet. The HTML version has the same content, though, and reading it tells you that the Lost Caverns are indeed in Machu Piccu. It also gives the Longitude and Latitude of the Caverns. Oh, and it also tells you the exact number of gold bars to be found in the Caverns! Finally, since it is just a video game, the Lost Caverns really exist only as a labyrinth of transistors etched on a ROM micro-chip found inside the video game cartridge.

3. Rhonda is Pitfall Harry's Niece, a fact which can also be gleaned from reading Pitfall Harry's diary.

4. Pitfall Harry owes his life to David Crane, the programmer who wrote both the original Pitfall! game and Pitfall II: Lost Caverns. This fact can also be found in Pitfall Harry's diary, as well as from reading the game instructions for the original Pitfall! game (the latter of which has not yet been found and re-posted to the Web site).

5. You must score 99,000 points to earn the Pitfall II Cliffhangers patch. You must also take a photo of your TV screen showing your qualifyiing score and mail it along with your name and address to Activision, the producers of Pitfall II: Lost Caverns. Yes, this too can be found in Pitfall Harry's diary.

6. Pitfall Harry never faces Bears. Note that you must consider the enemies in both the original Pitfall! game and in Pitfall II: Lost Caverns to get this answer right. There are no snakes in Pitfall II, but snakes do appear in the original game. There are bats and scorpions in both games. Neither game has bears.

7. At the conclusion of Pitfall II: Lost Caverns, Pitfall Harry jumps up and down for joy. You could only know that from playing and finishing the game. It is mentioned nowhere else on the Web site.

8. Pitfall Harry carries his diary with him in the Lost Caverns. If you read the diary carefully, you can deduce the fact that he must have had it with him in in the Caverns in order to make the diary entries that appear within it. There is no mention of either a whip or a pistol or a credit card in any of the game literature. There are healing crosses in the game, but they are not something Harry carries with him.

Notes: Jack Tramiel is the original CEO of Atari. Pitfall Harry was written by David Crane, who worked for Activision, a rival company to Tramiel's Atari, Inc. Therefore, Harry does NOT owe his life to Tramiel. Dr. Robotnik is an evil villian in Sega's Sonic The Hedgehog game series. 199,000 points is a perfect score in Pitfall II, but you don't need to be perfect to earn the Patch.