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Pitfall II - The Arcade Version

Pitfall II Lost Caverns did make its appearance in the arcades. Licensed and produced by Sega from Activision, it was one of the rare coin-op games which was based on a home console game, rather than the other way around. The game is quite rare as far as arcade consoles go. Thanks to MAME32 emulation, you can enjoy the arcade version of Pitfall II on your PC by downloading the ROM binary files here.
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True to its Atari home console origins, the arcade version of Pitfall II Lost Caverns limits Harry to only two actions. A control stick allows Harry to run and swim, and a button (duplicated for left and right handed players) makes him jump. Of course, running and jumping is not all Harry can do. Depending on your timing, you can make Harry swing on vines, pick up treasures, ascend on hot air balloons, slide across frozen lakes, hitch rides on fast moving rail carts and more! Please read my Arcade Pitfall II Game Review for an in-depth look at this often overlooked gem in the classic Pitfall series.



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Arcade Flyer

Arcade console manufacturers routinely printed flyers to advertise their new machines. At right is the flyer for Pitfall II Lost Caverns. The reverse side of the flyer offers a brief description of the game, including an all-important "How To Play."
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Arcade Flyer - Back (Click to Enlarge)
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