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My Odyssey2 Cartridge List

Cartridge Rarities are from ??.

Rarity Key:

C = Common
U = Uncommon
R = Rare
ER= Extremely Rare

ID Title Company Rarity Manual Box Duplicate
01 Demon Attack Imagic ER
02 Alien Invaders -- Plus Magnavox C      
03 Alpine Skiing Magnavox U      
04 Attack of the Time Lord Magnavox R
05 Baseball Magnavox C
06 Blackjack Magnavox R    
07 Blockout/Breakdown Magnavox C      
08 Bowling/Basketball Magnavox U      
09 Casino Slot Machine Magnavox U      
10 Computer Golf Magnavox U
11 Computer Intro Magnavox U      
12 Conquest of the World Magnavox R      
13 Cosmic Conflict Magnavox C      
14 Dynasty Magnavox U  
15 Electronic Table Soccer Magnavox R
16 Freedom Fighters Magnavox C  
17 Football Magnavox U      
18 Hockey/Soccer Magnavox U      
19 I've Got Your Number Magnavox R      
20 Invaders From Hyperspace Magnavox C    
21 K.C. Munchkin Magnavox C    
22 K.C.'s Krazy Chase (voice) Magnavox U  
23 Keyboard Creations Magnavox ER      
24 Killer Bees (voice) Magnavox ER      
25 Matchmaker/Buzzword/Logix Magnavox C      
26 Math-a-magic/Echo Magnavox R
27 Monkeyshines Magnavox R
28 Nimble Numbers Ned Magnavox ER      
29 Out of This World/Helicopter Rescue Magnavox R      
30 Pachinko Magnavox R    
31 Pick Axe Pete Magnavox U
32 Pocket Billiards Magnavox R  
33 P.T. Barnum's Acrobats Magnavox ER
34 Power Lords Magnavox UR    
35 Showdown in 2100 A.D. Magnavox U
36 Sid The Spellbinder Magnavox ER      
37 Smithereens (voice) Magnavox ER  
38 Speedway/Spin-Out/Crypto-Logic Magnavox C  
39 Sub Chase/Armored Encounter Magnavox C      
40 Take the Money and Run Magnavox U
41 The Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt Magnavox R
42 The Quest for the Rings Magnavox U    
43 Thunderball Magnavox R    
44 Type and Tell (voice) Magnavox R
45 UFO Magnavox U  
46 War of Nerves Magnavox U      

Still looking for...

     Atlantis - ER
     Turtles - ER
     Volleyball - R

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This list was last updated on May 3, 2000